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Ricardo Sanz – Esperando en el Café

Oil on canvas. 116×89 cms.

It is common in genre painting of Ricardo Sanz search for topics that derive us to think what the author wants to tell us. In this picture we can see through the windows the Grand Canal in Venice, and in the foreground a series of objects that animate the scene with their colorful. All this involves the woman waiting at Cafe reading the newspaper. Today is not very common among Spanish painters touch current genre painting this way. Ricardo Sanz But what is beauty looking both at the scene and in its interpretation, as in the brushstroke.

It is a tribute to a scene that will disappear with time, when, sooner rather than later, we run out of paper newspapers. It is a timeless picture, quite sober color, so I introduced the bouquet to cheer the scene. The work has a point of intrigue in this enigmatic expected.